A boxie filled with cat toys and treats for cats from www.boxie.co.za

Boxie for Cats

From: R 400 inc. Vat / month

BOXIE for Cats is the ultimate treat for cats delivered to your door every month!

Every month’s box contains a different selection of 3-4 fun cat toys and healthy, delicious treats!

To help make your cat’s surprises better, please tell us more about him/her on the checkout form.

First box ships within 7 days. On subscription orders, subsequent boxes ship after the 15th of the month. [Delivery is free to anywhere in South Africa].

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  1. Robert Esterhuyse


    I have to report back on this product. I was skeptical and didn’t expect anything great. I have never been so wrong in my life from the personal delivery by Simoné Sanders to the Boxie in its own wrapping. I wanted to post a picture but in my haste to open the box I tore it open. The items inside were wrapped in tissue paper and included the treats from Hills which our child loves and two toys. Now she has had toys in the past but she hardly plays with them instead preferring to destroy our furniture and dad’s ties. She loved these toys. The toy I call a banana but which is actually more like a boomerang, is filled with catnip and she loves it. It keeps her amused for hours. We have had catnip toys before and she didn’t give them a second look, but this one she is still playing with! What more can I say…WOW this is awesome product and company, and I will highly recommend them to friends, family, colleagues and clients.

  2. Cat Girl


    Whoa! So BOXIE arrived and was stolen from right under my nose by my BIG BROTHER MAX! He must’ve smelt mom arrive home whilst I was, doing what a cat does best, napping! Max took ownership of boxie before mom even opened it to expose the content. Max went straight for the mouse and proceeded to detach it from the catnip container. He was entertained … and entertained for hours on end. I did enjoy the fresh catnip on my blankie as well as the flashing disco ball – gosh, do we have fun racing up & down the wooden passage floor. Mom is happy that I no longer play with Keira’s hairclips which I steal off the bedside table *giggle* but does get annoyed that I leave my toys laying around … Max also enjoys the pompom head & back massager – that’s also a WINNER! Mom has promised that when the next boxie arrives, she’ll take me to the room and I can chose my favourite toys first – I may even claim them all.
    Thank You for the boxie toys, the household is happy! XXX Smudge

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