BOXIE For Pets is a premium service that curates quality treats for dogs and cats on a monthly basis. We aim to make treating your pet easy through a simple online order process and free delivery.  


My name is Simoné Sanders and I got started on Boxie for Pets a few years ago as a side project. I still had a full-time role working as a Marketing/ Research Data Analyst and I had been involved in showing my two dogs in national competitions. Toys and treats became an important part of life with my dogs (and cats) – it was used in training as a reward, it helped to alleviate their boredom, and (perhaps the best part…) it allowed me and my family to enjoy some fun time with them. I was, however, frustrated at how difficult it was to shop for products on a busy schedule.

I was inspired by the idea of high-quality pet treats arriving at my doorstep ever so often, but I wanted to create a service that would take it a few steps further – one that would save people time by doing the shopping and research for each product for them, and then bring it all together in a thoughtfully curated box. The website was launched in 2014, which made BOXIE for Pets the first subscription box service in South Africa to service dogs as well as cats. As it turned out, humans enjoyed Boxie just as much as their pets!

Boxie for Pets has come quite a far way since then. And in the early half of 2019 I gave up my full-time position to focus more on growing our offerings and to give you – the pet owner who wants to give their pet their best life – the things that you’ve asked for.

Because awesome pets deserve awesome treats.

SIMONÉ SANDERS Founder, Happiness Maker